category electric bike
E-Bikes - These are basically bicycles that are fitted with electric motors. The idea is to pedal as normal and when tired or in need of a bit of assistance, maybe up a hill, then let the motor either power you entirely or help you along with your pedal power.

An Electric Bike is usefull if you use a bike a lot for short trips every day. They are ideal for shopping, getting to work or riding around a college campus. If you are a student, they are great for getting around campus.

Most electric bikes are low maintenance, similar to non-electric traditional bikes, just requiring a service very few months, with normal daily or weekly checks in between.There is some small additional maintenance required with the addition of the battery, generator, electric motor and control unit. However, most batteries are sealed for life and they are charged by pedal power. This means that when they are not giving energy to help you to pedal, they are receiving energy from your pedals.