Solar panel energy products

I have been studying Solar panel systems for a while. The thought of getting free energy from the sun captivates me. As does the thought of all that Suns energy doing nothing for us, whilst we continue to burn coal, wood, gas and other fossil fuels that clog up our skies and lungs. We may have our different views about nuclear power as either green or hazardous - There are swings and roundabouts, with the nuclear waste versus the reduction in carbon. But one thing is for sure, the biggest nuclear supplier of energy is 93 million miles away, it's on all the time and will deliver it's energy for the next 5 Billion years, free of charge. In my view, Solar panel electricity generation, Solar Water heating and other related sun energy harvesting systems can only continue to expand and not unimportantly, become less expensive.

In addition to proffessionally Installed solar systems, there are also various Solar panel kit options on the market that can work out to be much less expensive. This depends on your level of competence and the need to observe a few basic safety procedures. Or you could work with a company who can help you along the way with the process.

go green solar logoGoGreenSolar is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of DIY installed solar panel products, based in California, USA. They also produce wind turbines for domestic homes and business, and LED lights. They have a wide customer base which include contractors, electricians, publicly companies, small and large businesses, non-profit organizations and of course individual homeowners. Although USA based, the GoGreensolar customer base extends across the world.

The capability, quality and credentials of the company is supported by a strong list of previous and existing companies, including: US Marine Corps., City of LA, USA Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, CBS.

Go Green Solar is owned by Gigawatt Inc. who design, manufacture and install bespoke solar panel solutions for households and government establishments. Some of GoGreenSolars custom designs include a portable solar charger - Sunjack, and a grid enabled solar module installed on streetlights called Sunpole

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