Solar cooking - Here's how you can use the suns energy for free with a sun oven

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Things do not get much better than free sustainable energy, both in terms of your pocket and the welfare of the planet.

The Suns energy is simply going begging, somewhere in the world 24/7 and always such a shame to waste it. Also running a conventional oven costs a fortune in electricity. Or you may live in a part of the world where you can't get electricity, or at least not very often.

So, here is a cooking device that is entirely powered by the Sun. It is really easy to set up, when opened, it literally falls into the correct postion ready for cooking. You can bake, boil or steam any food that you would using a normal cooker or oven, for free, no additional fuel needed.

Baking temperature will reach around 360 to 400 F.

Sun baked foods must also surely be a healthy way to eat too.

This is a truly compact deisgn - The sun oven is just 19'' x 19'' with a depth of 11''.

The oven fold up like a suitcase and has a carrying handle. Its total weight is just under 21 pounds, so its light enough to carry and ideal for transporting in your trailer or van for days out and hot food on the beach, or wherever you like.

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The Responsible Energy Corporation is based in Nevada. They are involved with all kinds of rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and also solar panels, solar battery chargers, sun ovens and solar cooking.

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