SolSource -  Here is the ultimate large scale 1000w free sun energy cooker

SolSource Solar Cooker


b green Zero running costs - 100% solar powered
b greenNo irritating smoke, so can be used in sensitive areas
b greenTemperatures can be reached of 550F/350C
b greenEquivalent to a 1000 watt electric cooker
b greenWill boil 4 pints of water in 10 minutes
b greenWorks with your normal indoor cookware
b greenWill purify water for drinking in remote areas


Here is the ultimate way to cook for free using the suns energy. The Solsource Solar cooker will capture the suns rays and focus them into a single concentrated point to give you the equivalent heat of a 1000 watt electric cooking hob ring or grill. The cooker uses a parabolic mirror that uses the sun light to give instant heat of up to 550°F / 280°C. That kind of heat will easily boil a couple of pints or a litre of water in less than 10 minutes.

This cooker allows you to prepare healthy food outdoors, boil water for tea and coffee and sterilizing, make soups and stews, soups etc. No need to worry about any power shortage or outage again, and also helps to keep your energy bills low. Plus no charcoal required.

Although it looks completely different, the SolSource is designed to be just as easy to cook on as a conventional cooker. You may be wondering where the heat adjustment is, this is achieved simply and quickly by adjusting the mirrors.

It is also easier to clean than a barbecue, just use soapy water and a soft cloth.

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