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Here's a food website that concentrates on healthy food and snacks and at the same time helping the wider issue of world food shortage and starvation.

This company was formed by Aihui Ong, Founder and CEO of Love With Food

She was not pleased with some producers and suppliers within the food industry, seeing their apparent refusal to embrace the Internet, severely limiting the modern consumers choice. So she combined her love of food and technology, and created a web channel to help food producers find a different way of marketing and distribution. This has helped the consumer to easily access healthy, gourmet food, which is normally difficult to find online. 

With her website connecting these high quality, healthy food producers with discerning consumers, she also realized that she could use this vehicle as a means to help underprivileged and often, starving children. She learned about the high level of Worldwide child hunger and poverty during her many travels in earlier life. Funded by some of the profits from their online sales, she has enabled a system that donates meals to recognised, official, corruption free foodbanks throughout the World, based on a proportion of the website purchases. The total amount of Meals donated by Love With Food is in excess of 1 million as of March 2017

The company supply organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to you on a friendly, no contract, open ended monthly subscription basis.
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More information about the Love with Food monthly subscription plan is here