I have a problem, no, not like that, nothing bad really, but It's this. I enjoy the occasional coffee, but I really love tea. This means, that the odd time when I drink coffee, I am always thinking that I am missing an opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea. So tea usually wins. So maybe not a problem, but I sometimes feel sorry for the coffee, well just for a microsecond. Enough of that.

art of tea
Art of Tea
was founded in 1996 by Steve Schwartz, who is a Los Angeles Tea wholesaler, importer and master blender. The Art of Tea work closely with selected growers, hand blending and crafting a wide range of organic teas from around the World.

Prior to importing Tea, Steve Schwartz studied preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Steve now travels globally to discover fine new organic, rare speciality teas

Steve Schwartz tea blends have won many industry awards, Art of Tea also offers teas under a private label program for other tea companies around the world. Schwartz also lectures and offers various educational programs on tea and the blending process.

During the ongoing worldwide sourcing process, Art of Tea have gained close links with both farmers and distributors. This respect for growers, suppliers, and employees are an important aspect of Art of Tea ethos.

Art of Tea operates within various areas, including Custom Tea Menus, Retail Tea, Pyramid Tea bags, Hospitality Tea Program, Custom specification Blending, Tea and blend training, organic Teas and various Private Label Programs.

Art of Tea website is here