How to make Great Fair trade fashion items - then make others from the offcuts

On, we also like to show alternative ideas and how different companies can interpret the ethical flag, as long as it still remains just that, ethical. Fair trade is great and long live fair trade. But as we can see here, there cannot always be a one size fits all approach (pardon the clothing pun) and there can be circumstances that keep certain labels and garments from being placed under a strict Fair Trade Certified banner. One such reason must be the reduction of waste and landfill.

MaidFair logoLet's explain further. MadeFAIR are an ethical fashion house, sourcing and supplying certified Fair Trade hand made clothing and fashion, Jewellery and accessories with up up and coming fashion labels from around the world, including Cambodia. Now, many Cambodian factory produced items for MadeFair, are fabricated from factory remnants, aka "off cuts", sometimes simply referred to as factory waste. This is not an insignificant volume of material that we are talking about and this "waste" can often just be burned or end up in a landfill site. So, the material is used to make further excellent quality garments from this recycled resource. The problem is, although these garments are ethically produced, by the same workers making the Fair Trade garments, they cannot be truly Fair Trade Certified. The reason is, because due to the reclaimed waste nature, it's impossible to specify exactly where the material originated from, who planted the cotton seed, who wove the fabric, etc.

Therefore under the above conditions, MadeFair will always source some of their garments which are made fully within the spirit of Fair Trade and respect for the workforce, within the particular nuances and opportunities that are presented. This means taking adanatage of each factories particular circumstances, especially when there is an opportunity to prevent many tons of good material from being burned and instead turn it into clothing . They will also continue to offer fully Fair trade certified garments also.

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