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This USA Company was founded in 2015 and specializes in Cork Handbags, Bags and wallets.

Cork! That’s just something that you put in wine bottles isn't it? Well, take a look at this:
Corature Handbag

Cork is lightweight, durable, and it is the utopia of sustainability, since it grows back. Apparently it is the only wood to do this.
Once it is extracted from the tree, it regenerates itself.

Also the Cork tree takes in up to 500% more CO2 when it is stripped than when unstripped. So it is great for the Planet and the Ozone layer.

Where's the catch? Totally sustainable, actively carbon friendly. Great durable product, good for keeping your wine fresh and making wallets and bags with.

The more cork that we use, quite literally, the better it is for everybody.

Another thing that I like - Corature donates a portion of their sales revenue to The Rainforest Alliance

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