sapahn logoSapahn - Ethical Artisan produced Leather Hand bags made in Thailand

Sapahn is an ethical fashion company, formed in 2008, supplying premium leather Handbags, silver jewelry and organic silk scarves.

They currently deal and partner with nine Artisan communities in Thailand, enabling 500 craftsmen and women to thrive and therefore their families too.

The founder of Sapahn deals personally with each community and knows where the materials came from, how each item is handcrafted and which artisan made it, from start to finish.

What attracted me to this is the fact that Sapahns Artisan partners are all encouraged to set their own fair price for each of their creations and bargaining is not part of the process, in fact it's not allowed. The creators know their costs and what they need to make for their chosen lifestyle. Following on from this Sapahn do not exceed industry mark ups and customers therefore receive fair prices for high quality fashion items, not found on the high street.

Another example of fairness in this industry is the fact that Artisans receive 50% of the total order value up front and the balance of payment when the order is delivered.  

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