cosmetic products 1The main reason for writing this article is to highlight certain products found in cosmetics generally with possible or actual concerns and make everyone aware of what each one does. Consumers can then make their own minds up about what to use and what not to use. The Neals yard product range offers a perfect way to illustrate this cosmetics product ingredient overview.

Neal's Yard Remedies, to give its full name, develops organic, natural skin and body care products and is now a household name to most of us. I recently found out they have actually been trading since 1981!

What makes this company such a big hit with its customers, is like any company, the strength of their products and their ingredients and its commitment to high quality Organic plant based natural and wild ingredients. But it is also just as important to say what is not in their products, as what is in them. This is not a short list of exclusions, but includes a wide range of constituent ingredients proven to have undesirable effects, plus other unproven ones which you can read more about below.

b green Zero Mineral oils used
Firstly there is no use of any mineral oils. These are inexpensive petroleum based oils, utilised in cosmetics products, mainly to help to reduce water loss from the skin, but this by definition does tend to block the pores of the skin.

b green Zero DEA used
Short for Diethanolamine. This is an emulsifier whose ingredients are organic related substances. DEA helps to produce foam and bubbles in many cosmetics. Unfortunately it has an association with certain carcinogens

b green Zero EDTA used
EDTA is a chelator used in various cosmetic products, toiletries and soaps etc. Chelation is the effect of bonding Ions and molecules together, thus keeping Minerals in place, to help prevent changes in various products colour, texture and fragrance. These are thought to be fairly harmless to the body, but unfortunately they do not biodegrade easily, so they do not feature in any Neal's Yard product.

b green Zero Parabens used
Parabens do help to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in Cosmetics. There is still much research being done, but there is a good chance that they may be linked with hormonal imbalance and possibly other things.

b green Zero propylene glycol used
This is used in cosmetics to keep products from melting in high heat or from freezing. It also helps active ingredients to penetrate the skin. It is petroleum based.

b green Zero silicones used
Silicones in cosmetics and shampoos etc. make your skin and hair feel soft. But unfortunately this effect builds up and the natural function of the skin is then impeded.

b green Zero BHT used
This stands for butylated hydroxytoluene. It is used as an antioxidant in Cosmetics. It has been linked to lung and breathing conditions

b green Zero GM ingredients used
No Genetically Modified ingredients are used in any Neal's Yard Remedies due to the fact that not enough is known about any possible long-term issues within cosmetics products.

b green Zero Phthalates used
The main type of phthalate used in Cosmetics is Diethylphthalate, also know as DEP. It is used in nail polish, soaps, hair sprays, aftershave lotions, perfume, shampoo etc., to keep products more flexible, for example to stop nail polish from cracking, or to stop hairspray from becoming too stiff and inflexible. The problem is that they have been reported to have a toxic impact on humans and animals.

b green Zero nano particles used
Nano particles are 80,000 times smaller than a human hair width. They are used in various skin care products and it is claimed that this technology makes them easier to apply, leaving no "visible" trace of them on the skin. But, the key word here is "visible" and not enough is known about the long term implications of nanotechnology within cosmetics and personal care products.

b green Zero acrylates used
These are ethyl acrylate, ethyl methacrylate, and methyl methacrylate. They are mainly found in the glue used for artificial nail products, false eyelashes, body gems etc. Unfortunately they are also derived from petroleum, which is avoided wherever possible.

As can be seen, it also excludes products that may only "possibly" have effects on the body over a period of time, which we do not yet know about. That is something about Neal's Yard, that is perhaps not seen with some other cosmetics companies. They will not use any product unless they know exactly what it will do and how it will benefit and also it's short, medium and long term effects on the body and the environment. They err on the side of caution and do not take a chance on our health. This is totally for the consumers benefit and no small matter or achievement. We really need to understand and recognise this, as it is not being done anywhere else. To leave out an industry accepted product, (possibly unnecessarily so) that can help to mass produce cosmetic products, can cost a company a fortune. They then have to source natural alternatives, to enable them to achieve the desired finished product, giving them the required performance. 

b greenLast but by no means least - Zero animal testing performed
Extremely importantly to many of us, is the fact that Neal's Yard do not undergo any animal testing on any of their products. Apart from the obvious cruelty aspect, as mentioned on this site many times, animal testing on natural products is totally unnecessary and pointless.

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