Naqashi is thousands of years old art that Mughal empire used to décor their palaces. Today’s modern world this art is not specified for royal families only, it also reach to a common man with different shapes. Drawing or making art work with hands by using colours and brushes on ceiling and walls is called Naqashi.
What places are suitable for Naqashi or hand painting?
Water-logging areas are not suitable for Naqashi or hand painting.
Colours for Naqashi
"Painting of your home is a major investment so you have to make sure your investment must be for long term. You have need to careful for choosing the colours because Colors can enhance or create attractive features in a home or commercial building. it is a scientific fact that color selection has a strong influence on paint performance. Dark colour provides an attractive look and catch attention of viewers and less need to maintenance rather lighter colors.
Use of Organic colors in Naqashi
Organic colors tend to fade more quickly then inorganic colors
Inorganic colors (beiges, browns, tans, and other earth-tone colors) are more stable on exterior exposure. The pigments used in these colors are less likely to break down then the pigments in organic colors such as reds, blues, greens and yellows. This is especially true in dry, hot climates, such as Arizona and Nevada. Light colors are suitable for exterior and dark colors are suitable for inner areas.
How to Paint/Naqashi on a Wall or ceiling?
Naqashi is what that set your mood for everyday life so choose those colors and designs that are healthy, calm, provide you peace of eyes and mind and energize you for the next day.
Naqashi (Hand-painting) on Ceili
Following Steps are required to Naqashi
  1. Make sure place is out of water-logging area
  2. Clean the walls or ceiling
  3. Scrape away old, flaking paint, glossy surfaces and prepare them for new paint
  4. If surface is not smooth, need to use poteen to fix any dents, chips, or cracks in the walls before you start painting.
  5. After ensuring the smoothness of surface “Oil Paint” is done on walls/ceiling as a base color.
  6. Cover all areas of the wall and try to avoid missed spots.
  7. After that, “Oil Paint” colors are used for draw any design
How Longer Life of Naqashi?
If water-logging problem is not existing, then color thickness and originality is maintain for 30 to 35 years.
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