Rechargeable battery use could save over 389 millions US tons of alkaline waste each year

I have just discovered some astounding facts. More than 15 billion batteries are produced and sold around the world each year. Most of these are of alkaline construction, so usually not rechargeable and they get discarded after they go flat. Usually they get tossed in a bin, or end up in a landfill site. Just doing some calculations, the weight of an AA alkaline battery is 0.83 ounces. This equates to a waste weight of over 389 million US tons. Now I am not saying that all batteries are AA batteries or that all are discarded, but the potential waste figure is still huge.

So instead of all this waste, remember that single use alkaline batteries can usually always be replaced with higher capacity, environmentally friendly, rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Zinc (NiZN) or Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that last far longer in high drain devices. Most of these batteries can be recharged hundreds of times. Yes they are more expensive and you do need to buy a charger, only once. But these items will pay for themselves after a few dozen charges.

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