Recycling clothes, yarns and materials at its very best

Here is an ethically and environmentally sound company that directly helps others. This is all about recycling old clothing to make great new items and helping hundreds of women to thrive. This is what all ethical businesses should be about.

darn good yarn logoDarn Good Yarn is a wholesaler and retailer of recycled yarn, fiber, material, clothing and other related products.
Founded in 2008 by Nicole Snow, this company takes manufactured waste, which would normally be sent to landfills, and then recycles it to create clothing, skirts, saris, scarves, bags, purses and much more. All items are handmade in high quality small batches. Darn Good Yarn hand-selects 300 women in Nepal and India for their skill and offers them appropriate means to support their families, not just with a basic minimum income, but a fair rate that enables them a good living. By enabling these women to work from home, Darn Good Yarn has created employment opportunities for them that may otherwise have been difficult.

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