Solar Energy - What is a Solar battery?

Solar batteries for energy storage are now becoming much more of an important component of a solar energy system, than may have been the case in the early days of PV systems. Back then, the normal thing would be to just take the energy from the sun, convert it to AC and then put this straight in to our national grid, whereby our respective governments or energy companies would then pay us for our assistance towards the nations electricity generation requirements. Whilst this was good in the early days, things have now changed. The payments we recieve for doing this, whilst still attractive in some countries, have dramatically been reduced in others. For many, the financial incentives are no longer there.

solar batteryThe Solar battery is usually made of Lithium Ion and can offer capacities of up to 7KW. These batteries provide an energy storage solution by effectively taking energy from your solar PV system or the national grid when it is at its cheapest, and then discharging the stored energy when required from the battery to power your home when electricity rates are more expensive. Solar batteries are used as part of the complete system and in conjunction with a recognized energy management software package.

This battery storage system, therefore saves even more on your energy costs, by enabling you to benefit from the Suns energy, even at night time when no sun is visible. Additionally should there ever be a power cut, the system will immediately detect the outage and automatically switch you over to battery power. This is a key benefit in certain countries, where power cuts and outages are a regular daily or weekly occurrence.

Solar batteries are certain to gain popularity as battery technology and capacities improves, mirroring also that huge rush for the development of batteries for Electric vehicles.