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What is Fair Trade coffee?

Fair trade certification for Coffee was introduced as far back as 1988. Fair Trade Coffee can only be classified as such when it is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards. This pertains to trading partnerships that are based on dialogue and respect, between coffee producer and coffee bean farmers. Fair trade agreements support sustainable environmental farming practices, fair rates of pay, fair raw product purchase price and an absolute prohibition of child or forced labor.

Fairtrade Coffee often goes hand in hand with Organic coffee. This is produced without using pesticides, herbicides, or any artificial chemical substances in the bean growing process.

Many factors are looked at for organic coffee certification, the coffee farmer must use 100% organic fertilizer, such as chicken manure, bocachi, or even coffee pulp. The use of any fertilizer such as synthetic nitrogen, phosphate, and potash means the crop cannot be called organic.

There are now many companies producing a wide range of great Coffees that meet both organic and Fair Trade criteria.