Garcinia and natural weight loss

There is now a natural product available that may well help to control hunger called Garcinia Cambogia. This is actually a fruit, sometimes called Malabar tamarind. This has been used in Asia and Africa for centuries, as a popular food ingredient, used in curries etc. It has now recently been recognized for its benefits in the bodies digestion system. This has led to some people classing this as a superfood, due to its highly effective qualities and especially its weight loss benefits, as written about by leading healthcare experts such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Chen.

The term sometimes used about Garcinia Cambogia is: “The Holy grail of weight loss”

Garcinia Cambogia, is now a widely accepted safe, natural way of losing weight, used by both men and women. Planned regular use may help with the following effects: Suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss, burning carbohydrates, blocking fat and increasing muscle, boosting metabolism and increasing energy levels, reducing food cravings and comfort eating. It is also claimed that is can help to combat mood swings by managing serotonin levels,

Another reason for the products success is that many say that it allows them to achieve weight loss without too much change in lifestyle and eating habits and that they do not have to sacrifice some favourite foods.

Since Garcinia is considered a safe fruit, most food standard agencies, including the UK and the European Union allow it to be used widely as a food ingredient and a dietary supplement.