What is a Salt Lamp?
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Also known as a Himalayan Salt Lamp, or pink salt light, this is an environmentally friendly light source, often using Himalayan Pink Salt sometimes known as HPS as its main component, which you could say is its lightshade, a large block of translucent salt which encases the light bulb. Some people call this colour amber rather than pink, but there are shade variations which cause the two colours to be reffered to. Grey and white coloured salt lamps are also available, all with similar qualities. This salt is carefully extracted from an abundant resource, with an estimate of around 350 years supply at the current extraction rate. The lamps base is usually carved from a sustainable wood. The lamp can use a low wattage bulb, to give a gentle light glow, whilst also giving a mild heat to help with the negative ionisation effect, but still keeping running costs down. An LED light, whilst being the cheapest to run, may not have the same effect, but this depends on its heat generation. Some salt lamps are designed to be lit using a traditional candle.

What does a Himalayan Salt lamp do?
They help to clean the air by removing dust and certain invisible matter, and at the same time give a hugely attractive and therapeutic glow.

How do they work?
Salt Lamps are hygroscopic. This enables them to actually attract moisture from the air into their salt crystals, along with various other contaminating particles and nasties. Including pollen and dust and maybe even some cigarette smoke. 
When the salt lamp is on, the crystals heat up, some moisture gets released back in to the air, but the particles stay trapped within the salt.

b green They can help to reduce allergy Symptoms.
Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your living room or rooms, may be able to help alleviate some allergy symptoms. Even certain types of asthma symptoms that are triggered from dust and pollen may also be helped. I suffer from Asthma and am currently doing my own research about these lamps. At present, regardless of any other benefit, I find them extremely relaxing.

( Some Asthma sufferers also use a ceramic inhaler that is made using Himalayan pink salt, known as a 
Himalayan Salt Pipeto help ease their airways. )

b greenSalt lamps can help to ease irritating coughs.
Many homes have a majority of positive charged ions. These ions can cause the microscopic hairs, or cilia, on the windpipe to not function as efficiently as normal, allowing excess levels of dust and particulates in our lungs, causing us to cough. The process of the heating salt lamp turns some of these ions into a negative charge, which helps to increase our cilial function to keep your lungs clear. Salt lamps can therefore help our bodies natural respiratory system to function more efficiently.

b greenIncreased energy Levels.
Positive ions do give the effect of depleting our bodies of energy. A Himalayan salt lamp in the living room can help to increase the negative ions and balance the air, giving you a less lethargic feel. It is also thought that by releasing negative ions into the air, that Himalayan salt lamps help to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. This may have benefits if using a lamp where there are many devices radiating energy, such as computers and TVs

b greenImproved Sleep
Negatively charged ions can improve the air quality, which may help the quality of your sleep.
I do not sleep with a lamp turned on, but the benefit to me is from the lamp throughout the day and evening.

b greenImproved Mood & Concentration
Himalayan pink salt lamps, through the effect of the negative ions in the air and within your body, can help to improve the blood and oxygen supply to the brain and boost serotonin, which gives us the "happy feeling."

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So Well ® is a fair trade manufacturer of salt therapy products, including a large selection of handmade Himalayan salt lights.

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So Well’s salt products are hand-carved by artisans, from solid salt crystals, carefully extracted from the base of the Himalayan Mountains.

Himalayan salt is also known as Halite and actually comes from Khewra, Jhelum District in the Punjab, Pakistan, about 300 Kilometres from the Himalayas. 

These products are obtained using the most ethical fair trade agreements possible, ensuring that the livelihood and welfare of the craftsmen and women who make these lamps is fully protected.

There is a very wide range of product shapes sizes, including Natural, small and large, pyramids, cubes, globes and rectangles. Available Salt colours include Amber, Grey, or White. All salt lamps are mounted on a wooden base, and each light includes a UL-tested Dimmer cord, with a 15 watt bulb and instructions. So Well salt lamps include a 90-day guarantee.

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